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What we teach



Want to learn robotics? Want to have fun learning to code? A Bit Different’s motto is 'Learn by Doing'-- our robotics program is fully hands on. Participants will build their own robot from the ground up, to fully program it to make different movements. The robot will be powered by a small single board computer called the Raspberry Pi. There will be various components added to the robot, such as using a video game controller and artificial intelligence for dynamic movements. We will walk through the concepts and break them down to easy, understandable learning points. Join A Bit Different and learn by doing!

How fast can you accelerate ? What’s your velocity. ABD will be teaming up with Coach Mark owner of We are Legacy for a fun and interactive class. Coach Mark will be putting students through various workouts and ABD will be recording data capturing students position and acceleration. We will teach students how to calculate their velocity using physic formulas. 

Can you improve your acceleration with different motions? Does having the fastest velocity equate to having the fastest acceleration? We will explore all avenues of physics and motion while having fun and learning!

3D Printing

Want to make your own toy ? What about designing a part for a car? 3D printing has taken our world by storm . With many  industries  incorporating  3D printing into their business, this opens the doors for a plethora of opportunities. To save money and cut cost, we started to 3D print our own parts! We use a 3D CAD software and 3D printers.  Students will be introduced to various application using  3D printers.  We will teach the students how to design 3D drawings then make it come to life. 



Who said said the sky is the limit? Well not at A Bit Different. Starting 2023 we will teach students how to design drones, 3D print them, build and of course fly! Students will learn fundamental concepts and hardware such as a flight controller, electronic speed controller(ESC), flight mode, navigation and many more. We always want to keep our students knowledgeable in the most up to date technology of today’s rapidly changing world. Drones serve many useful purposes from search and rescue and creating breathtaking movies scenes to delivering goods to customer. We hope you join A Bit Different as we design, build and fly our way to success!

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